Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hans Thorvaldsson, Order of the Wain, 2012

Hear the words of Edward, Wolf King, and Rylyn, Trillium Queen:  Long has Hans Thorvaldsson served Our People.  He has served Our Vassals as Seneschal of Septentria.  He has served our Army as Commissar, and as an armoured combat marshal.  He has served as campmaster to the Canton of Eoforwic for many years at Pennsic.  And he has served tasty food, both in the field and in feast halls throughout our Kingdom.  Such service to hearts, minds and stomachs must not go unrecognized, so today, on campaign in the Debatable Lands, we make him a Companion of Our Order of the Wain, and bestow upon him a Grant of Arms.  Let him now be called Honourable Lord, and display the badge of the order and the Crest of the Kingdom as is his rightful due.  Done this ninth day of August  anno Societatis  46, as witness our hands and seal.

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

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