Friday, 11 October 2013

Jesca de Hunteleghe, Award of Arms

Fair East, heed this throne and hear Our sonorous will, as we, Gregor Rex and Kiena Regina, pray you attend she who kneeleth here, Jesca de Hunteleghe,, who hath for many years now served with ever-pleasant countenance. Surpassing are her many gifts, given oft and generously with willing hand and open heart. A beacon of sweet hospitality at home in Huntly’s highland hills or in travels caring for kin and kith, she ever-bears a basket of delights to refresh the soul. Long did this maid dream o’er the thistle, moor, and cliff of oliphants and orange trees and far off lands fine ladies see. These dreams were heard by Our own ears, now she shall herself a Lady be.

As befits a Lady of Our Court, we do award unto her arms to bear from this day ever forth, vert, an elephant passant contourny and on a chief nebuly argent three orange trees couped fructed proper.

Done by Our hands and given on Our behalf by Our Heirs at the War of the Roses in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows on the 25th Day of May, anno societis XLVIII.


I had the pleasure of meeting Jesca at the EK Bardic Champions event where she charmed me with her kind smile and homemade truffles. Later on when she and her husband hosted me and three members of my household as we traveled to an event far from our home, I was so pleased to get to know her better.

When I had the opportunity to write words for her AoA scroll, I jumped at the chance. Knowing her in person gave me the ability to write about her persona (Scottish) and also some of her traits beyond the write-up. Her arms are evocative and exotic, and add an interesting flair to the AoA, since many AoAs do not have any arms when they become a Lord or Lady of the Court. I also had the joy to see her get this award, since weather pretty much destroyed the event it originally was going to be delivered at. The actual scroll may have a different event listed. (I am not sure…)

By Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge.

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