Friday, 11 October 2013

Lady Anna Serena, Award of Arms

All harken to the Eastern throne as we, King Gregor the Good and Queen Kiena the Kind bid you heed our loyal subject Anna Serena of fair Malagentia. She hath inspired us with her great service to the realm, by her bearing the weight of water, and more, yet ever with light heart.

As Eastern sun doth rise upon the sea
Spreading its brilliance all across the shores
Same brightness in this maiden-smile all see
As like the sun she harkens and restores
All who would wilt upon the noble field
Without her ministration so supreme.
From the parching war-winds she does shield,
Cool waters pour forth from her hands serene.
All find her of good cheer and kindest word
Admiring her grace, her poise, her joys
As swiftly she alights, a summer bird,
Her good nature on all that she employs.
Observe her well, this Anna, in Our view,
A Lady of the noblest kind, and true.

Thus do we Eastern Monarchs award her arms, to be borne by her alone throughout the Known World and make her a Lady of Our venerable Eastern Court.

In witness whereof we have set Our hand on this, the thirteenth of July, in the forty-seventh year of the Society, in Our Province of Malagentia at the Great Northeastern War.

By Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge.

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