Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mahault of Swynford, Order of the Crucible, 2010

Predecessors of sharper memory more experienced in literary work commended monuments of things accomplished to the notice of their successors inspiring by this example lest they slothfully neglect something worthy of memory to future times. We, thinking to our and our successors' benefit, since while we know the beginning we do not know what the end may be, lest acts well and piously done be confounded by oblivion through time, let us take care to recall them in memory with virile writings. Praise is due the Craftsman who produces all manner of useful things to enrich our Realm, and since the Kingdom has flourished by the generosity one such Craftsmen., we think it necessary to subscribe.

We Nigel reiver King and Adrielle his chosen queen, ever desiring to augment and honor those whose noble works enrich Our realm, now commend Mahault of Swynford before Our Court. Well pleased are We by the skill and cunning shown by Mahault of Swynford in the gentle arts and sciences of illumination, costuming, brewing, cooking,, metalwork, leatherwork and woodworking. By her labor and sacrifice the beauty of Our Realm is enhanced and the renown of Our Kingdom increased.
In recognition of these efforts We invite Mahault of Swynford to assume her rightful place among the members of Our noble Order of the Crucible and from this day forward to partake in all duties and be entitled to all rights and privileges of this Our Order.

Recognizing that great works are attended by great needs, We are minded to increase the estates of Mahault of Swynford by two virgates, one each of arable wood and meadow; and grant permission for the construction and maintenance of a mill, powered by water or wind as seems fitting. Let these be held in perpetuity free of all duty save that to the Crown.

Done in Our Barony of Skraeling Althing on the feast of St. George this twentyfourth day of April Anno Societatis XLIV by our hand and seal. 

By HRM Adrielle Kerrec

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