Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Middle Kingdom Territorial Baron(ess) Wording

All Nobility, know by these presents that we (name of Sovereign), King (Queen) by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and (name of Consort), our Queen (King), having heard petition from the Barony of (name of Barony) and well pleased with the service of our subject (name of recipient) are minded to create him/her Baron(ess) of our Barony of (full name of Barony), to have and main tain for us and our successors in fealty and honor those aforesaid lands. We further be stow upon him/her all rights and responsibilities thereto appertaining, and the right to employ, without let or hindrance, all symbols and ornaments of that position from this time onward including the right to bear the arms (blazon of the Barony’s registered arms).

Henceforth he/she shall be known by his/her coronet of gold ornamented with pearls.

Done by our hands this __ day of___, Anno Societatis (A.S.)__, in our (location of event).

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