Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Outlands Baroness’ Degree of Elegance of Dragonsspine Wording

Warmest greetings to all to whom these letters may come, from _____, Baroness of

It is the right and pleasure of the Baroness to reward those gentles who embody the values of courtesy and of graciousness, and whose kind service has been of great benefit to the Barony and to herself. Let all know that the good works and demeanor of ________ have not gone unnoticed.

It is thus Her Excellency’s great pleasure to recognize [him/her] with the Baroness’ Degree of Elegance, that all may know of the great worth of [his/her] gracious conduct.

Done by my hand this ____ day of _____, Anno Societatis _____, being _____ Gregorian.

_____, Baroness

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