Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Trimaris Order of the Arc d'Or Wording

Be it known to all these present that We the Crown Trimaris recognize those who have demonstrated the highest skills in the field of archery. We here acknowledge our good and faithful servant _______ to have excelled within this aspect of the marshal arts. Being done so with works and deeds, let them be known this day forward as a companion of the Order of the Arc d'Or. Proclaimed this ______day of _______ anno societatis ____


Skill with a bow is an ancient and respected art, and We the Crown Trimaris are pleased to know that there is one whose skill in this art is worthy of Our recognition. We summon _______ forth, to be known as a Companion of the Arc d’Or, proclaimed upon this _____ day of _____, A.S._____.

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