Monday, 7 October 2013

Atlantia Order of the White Scarf Wording

Be it knowne unto all men by this present writings whearsoever it shall come to be read, heard or understanded and especially to all manner of officers under the dominion of our dread soveraigns, <name> and <name>, Monarchs of Atlantia, such as Barons, Seneschales, Knights Marshall and to their deputies, certifying to them by this letter that it pleaseth our said soveraigns, with their most honorable counsel to admit <name> as a Provost in their Academie d'Espye, the Order of the White Scarf of the Kingdom of Atlantia. Know that he has proven right worthy in honor and service, of sufisiant cunning and skill in the exercise of civil combat and hath shown as much in tryal by arms with divers other Provosts of the Academie. Above all, know that we find him an honorable gentle to whom we entrust the nurture and gentle care of the Noble Art of Defence in these our Realm of Atlantia, trusting him to offer goodly instruction to all who seek it, counsel in good season and that he shall forthrightly take action to defend the honor of this kingdom, by whosoever it be challenged.

(*Place Grant of Arms text here if required *)

In witness whereof We set Our hand this <date> day of <month> Anno Societatis <year in Roman numerals> (in Our <branch>, at <event>). (Further do We grant [him/her] the sole and exclusive right to bear arms, to wit: <blazon>.)

(*Place confirmation text here if required.*)

*space for Monarchs’ signatures*

(I, Triton Herald of Atlantia, do attest that the said arms have been duly registered with the College of arms.

*space for Triton signature*)

By Alan of Gravesend

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