Thursday, 3 October 2013

Drachenwald Court Barony Wording

CB with Grant of Arms, for recipient with registered arms.

[king] by favor of arms of Drachenwald king and [queen] by favor of beauty and inspiration of the same realm queen to our right trusty and wellbeloved [recipient]. Whereas by the advice and assent of our peers for certain arduous and urgent and serious affairs concerning Us and the defence of our kingdom we are minded to surround ourselves with such barons as shall give us council in these affairs we strictly enjoining command you upon the allegiance by which you are bound to Us that you (waiving all excuses) place personally yourself before us so that we may make you a [baron/baroness] of our court in recognition of your service to Knights Crossing and so that with the said prelates, great men and peers you treat and give your counsel upon the affairs aforesaid. And this as you regard Us and Our honour and the safety and defence of the realm in nowise do you omit yourself from our counsel, and in commemoration of this newly acquired honor we hereby grant unto you the sole and unique right to bear the arms blazoned as follows, that is to say: [blazon], depicted more plainly above. This we do on the [number] day of [month], in the year of the society [year].

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, based on the summons to parliament used by Queen Elizabeth II, which so far as I can tell is little changed from the period summons.

[Source: Kingdom of Drachenwald site]

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