Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sigillum (Regis, Reginae, Coronae)

Sigillum regis

By the king ryght trusty and welbeloued. We grete yow ofte tymes wel. ffor asmuche as our right dere servant [recipient] hath long tyme in certain matiers þat greatly concernen þe gode weele of us our Landes lordships and subgittes yeuen us gode counseil and reid, wherefor we have yeuen our assent roial that he may bere þe seal of þe kyng. Yeuen vnder our sigil at oure town of [branchname] þe [number] day of [month], a.s. [year].

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, based on texts from the Anthology of Chancery English.

Sigillum reginae

To our right trusty and heartily well-beloved [recipient], we greet you well, thanking you as heartily as we can for ourself and especially for that ye do so much for our house and court, which I trust verily ye do rather for the great love that ye deem I have thereto. And forasmuch as we purpose to thank you for your rightful favour showed to us in all matters that toucheth us, we pray that you proudly and humbly bear our sigil, and that in so doing you be long preserved in honour and prosperity. Written at [group], on the [day] day of [month], a.s. [year], by your queen.

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, based on the Paston Letters.

Sigillum coronae

By the King and Queen forasmuch as we, of our special grace, in consideration of the trew and faithful service whiche our welbeloved servant [recipient] hath done unto us, in certain and diverse matters , have given and granted unto [him/her] the right to bear our sigils as a token of our gratitude. Wherefore we wol and charge [him/her] that [he/she] do bear hereafter our sigils in due form, and these our letters shall be [his/her] warrant. Given under our hands, in our court at [branch], the [number] day of [month], the [number] month of our reign, in the [year] year.

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, based on pages 97, 107, and 112 of Hubert Hall, Formula Book of English Historical Documents, Volume 1: Diplomatic documents selected and transcribed by a seminar of the London School of Economics.

[Source: Kingdom of Drachenwald site]

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